Bekaert Wire Products

Bekaert is the worldwide leader in wire transformation and coatings. With four manufacturing facilities in North America, they bring experience and the highest quality to every product they sell. And Bekaert is committed to exceeding your expectations every time you use their products.

Bekaert manufactures the full range of agricultural wire products: smooth electric fence wire, Cattleman 15ga Barbed Wire, Gaucho 15.5ga Barbed Wire, Fixed-Knot Fencing, and Horseman 2x4 Non-Climb Wires. As with all their brand name fences, Bekaert smooth wire comes standard with Class 3 Galvanization which lasts at least two times longer than Class 1 or commercial galvanized products. In addition, their smooth wire products, fixed-knot products, and Horseman Non-Climb products are now also available with our advanced Zinc-Aluminum (ZA) coating that ensures a long fence life at great value. Pasture Management keeps these fine Bekaert products in stock, ready for shipping to your location.