Pasture Management Insulators

A good quality insulator allows the electricity generated from your energizer to flow through the length of your fence and not lose power when the wire crosses the fence posts. Our insulator line offers various options for different types of posts (wood posts, T-posts) and wires (high-tensile, polywire/braid, polyrope, and polytape)

226-USA Wood Post Pinlock Insulator Black 25/bag
337 Wood Post Pinlock Insulator White 25/bag
228 Wood Post Pinlock Insulator White 25/bag
272-17 Wood Post Outrigger Insulator White. Use with woven wire or barbed wire fences to add a hot wire. each
229 Wood Post Screw-In Ring Insulator Black. 25/bag
441363 Screw-in Insulator Drill Chuck Use to drill pivot holes for screw-in insulators each
231 Wood Post Porcelain Screw-In Insulator Small each
232 Wood Post Porcelain Screw-In Insulator Large each
238 Wraparound Insulator 20" length 10/bag
240 Wraparound Insulator 24" length 10/bag
239 Fin Tube Insulator 4" length 175/box
230 Porcelain Donut Insulator Use in corners, curves, ends of electric fence, and to eliminate dips. each
233-USA Dual Purpose Wood Post/T-Post Insulator Use on 1.25-1.33 lbs/ft posts only. Black. 25/bag
242 T-Post Polytape Insulator Polytape 25/bag