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Pasture Management Fencing Products

Every component you need to build the strong, long-lasting fence you want…from a trusted company with a commitment to excellence.

Modern Innovations

Gone are the days of sagging, rusted fences that fail to protect what is important to you. Innovations and technology have made a strong, long-lasting, secure, and low-maintenance fence possible. Rest easy knowing that Pasture Management’s durable fencing products will protect your livestock, animals, crops, or land.

Fixed Knot Fencing…

Your best choice for perimeter fencing today is Pasture Management’s Fixed Knot Wire. It stays tight, reliably contains any size animal, and keeps predators and wildlife out. The solid, one-piece vertical wire is what makes this wire superior in strength and longevity when compared to other woven wire designs.

…And Rotational Grazing

Increase the quality, yield and profitability of your land and livestock by cross-fencing your pasture and rotating the areas your livestock graze. Allowing your livestock to manage your land instead of machinery will produce healthier animals and soil while minimizing your expenses.


In addition to fixed knot fence, we produce a variety of fence and wire designs for different applications. All of our wire products are heavily coated with zinc to prevent early rusting and meet Class 3 galvanization standards.

Wood Posts

Our posts are precision cut and peeled to dry before being pressure-treated. The result is long-lasting fence posts that serve as the foundation of your fence. Available in 3" to 8" diameters and 6.5' to 10'.

Gates & Panels

Our square corner design offers offer a stronger finish and more uniform alignment with your fence posts. Made in America with all 19 gauge galvanized high tensile steel.

Electric Fencing

The key to extending your fence’s life is keeping animals off of it with a permanent electric wire. When cross fencing pastures for rotational grazing, temporary electric fencing is a proven and efficient method of containment.

Trusted Fencing Experts

A strong, reliable fence that contains livestock or keeps predators out is the key to your successful farm or ranch. When your fence fails due to sagging and rusted wire or rotting wood posts, your livestock, animals, crops, and land are put at risk. You become frustrated that your time must be spent fixing a problem instead of doing what you love. Fortunately, it does not have to be this way. Modern innovation in steel manufacturing and technology has led to a total fence that will withstand impact from the largest animals and the widest variety of weather, temperatures, and climates for years to come.
Pasture Management Systems understands the importance of protecting your investment and spending time doing what you love. Our specialized experience in agricultural fencing materials will help guide in choosing your materials for a strong and durable fence.
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