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Rest easy knowing that your fencing will do its job

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Stop wasting money building fences that will not last

Unreliable fences cannot manage your animals or your land

Take control with long-lasting, reliable Pasture Management fencing products


A Pasture Management fence stays tighter, lasts longer, and requires less maintenance than other farm fence brands


Pasture Management fencing materials and tools help you build reliable fences faster while minimizing your expenses


Increase the productivity of your land by containing animals, keeping wildlife out, and managing livestock grazing patterns more effectively


We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of Pasture Management fencing materials and are available to help answer any questions you have about using our products on your fence.


Pasture Management produces a variety of high tensile steel wires made for farm fencing. Our longest-lasting and most versatile line of fences are our Fixed Knot Wires. We also offer a line of Hinge Joint Field Fence and Barbed Wire.

Wood Posts

The backbones of a strong fence are the posts and braces. We manufacture southern yellow pine wood posts and pressure treat them with CCA. Posts are made in 3" to 8" diameters and in 6.5' to 10' lengths.


High-quality gates that will absorb animal impact. Our unique square corner design offers you a frame that is stronger than comparable round corner gates. All gates are manufactured with 19 gauge high tensile steel that outweighs standard painted gates.

Electric Fencing

Maximize the longevity and effectiveness of your perimeter fences by adding an electric fence wire or two. If you are interested in rotational grazing for livestock, our line of portable electric fencing supplies will contain your animals effectively.


Trusted Fencing Supplies

At Pasture Management Systems, we know how important fences are to managing your land. You need a fence that can be built quickly and does not require a lot maintenance over time. The problem is most of the materials used to build fences today do not do their job long-term. When a fence fails to contain animals or keep predators out of your fields, you become frustrated by the time and money you spend repairing your fences…again. It is also very difficult to find all the materials you need from a single source. Sourcing materials from multiple suppliers is costing you time and money. We believe that fence builders and farmers should be able to build stronger, longer-lasting fences with better materials than what can be found at national big box stores. As farmers ourselves, we know that strong, reliable fences are necessary to effective land management. We also know the importance of saving time and money. Our fixed knot wire, woven wire, barbed wire, electric fencing supplies, pressure-treated wood posts, and tough galvanized gates have helped thousands of fence builders and farmers. They are able to save time and money by building the longest-lasting and most reliable fences possible. We can help you too. The process is simple. First, utilize our free online resources or our customer service team to help you decide what type of fencing materials you. Second, find a Pasture Management dealer near you by clicking here. It’s that easy! Not near a current dealer? Ask your local fence supplier to order the Pasture Management fence products you need. Stop wasting time and money building and repairing unreliable fences. Build your next fence with Pasture Management fencing, so you can rest easy knowing that your fence will do its job for the long haul.