Maximum Voltage Poly-Products

“The best stainless steel you can buy!” Maximum Voltage Poly-Products are the most conductive poly-products available on the market today. Larger diameter, stainless steel conductors provide greater conductivity, so your fence reaches its greatest potential. All products are UV Stabilized for maximum longevity. Use for temporary fences, cross-fences, to create paddocks, etc. Available in 6-strand and 9-strand versions, our Polywires and Polytapes are available in a variety of different lengths, widths, and colors.

For temporary perimeter fence or long-distance installations, we recommend our Super-Conductive Poly-Products which are made of a Stainless Steel/Tinned Copper Mixed Metal blend. These High-Performance Poly-products offer superior strength as well as the longevity and conductivity of the Maximum Voltage products.