The Pasture Management Systems Difference

We treat our customers like we want to be treated by our vendors
We believe in the golden rule and we live by it. Whether it is reliable inventory availability, providing you with multiple and consistent delivery options, answering technical questions from your staff or your customers, or working with you to source a special item that we do not warehouse. These are all things that we want from our manufacturing partners and these are things we provide our retail partners.

Our brands help you compete with big box retailers
Each of our product categories offers at least 1 brand that is not sold in big box stores or large chains. The brands and items we warehouse offer the same or better quality as what big box offers. Our pricing structure reflects this and is designed to make your retail prices more competitive with big box while offering superior quality items and better service.

Our marketing expertise will help you grow your business
The sales team at Pasture Management Systems has years of experience in designing layouts on store shelves and display areas. We work with the space you feel you can dedicate to fencing and livestock management supplies and position products in a way that attracts customers. We provide you with branded wallpaper and shelf talkers, fact cards, and displays designed to educate your customers on all the items they need for their project.

We know as much about what we sell as the manufacturers (and sometimes more)
Pasture Management Systems is not a hardware company. We do not offer every option of every brand. However, we do know our supplies, their applications, and the differences in the brands we sell like the back of our hand. Our sales and customer service representatives take pride in being a resource for any questions about our products, fence building, or livestock management. Most have built fences and currently own livestock themselves.

We offer flexible delivery options to help you receive orders faster
Not all orders are equal. Some contain large pieces of equipment like squeeze chutes and feeders. Others contain smaller items that fit in several boxes. Therefore, we utilize multiple delivery options to get your orders to you quickly. Smaller and light weight items are eligible for UPS shipment within two days of placing an order, meaning orders can be received within 3-4 days of placing an order. For larger and heavier items that fit on a pallet(s), we can ship orders via a common carrier within two days of placing an order. Both options deliver to you quickly. Because we sell many items that cannot be packed on a pallet (gates, wood posts, equipment, etc.), we also offer deliveries on Pasture Management Systems owned trucks that run on a consistent schedule in your area at least every other week.

Ready to become a dealer for Pasture Management Systems?
We are ready to work with you to support your customers’ needs in your area. The following steps will help get our new partnership started!
  1. Complete Dealer Application (Click here to complete)
  2. Your sales representative will contact you to send you a credit app and discuss plan your initial stocking
  3. Submit your Credit App for review and approval
  4. Submit first purchase order
  5. Schedule time for your sales representative to install in store merchandising displays and help layout delivered inventory on your shelves