Stafix Electric Fence

Stafix was founded in New Zealand in 1958 and has since become a recognized name in electric fencing the world over. Farming conditions in New Zealand are among the most diverse in the world. Rolling green pastures and volcanic soils in the north make way for rugged mountainous highlands in the south. From salt ravaged costal farming to dry savannah and lush bush lands, New Zealand farmers experience every extreme. To suit the demands of farming and ranching in North America, this experience is important.

For over 50 years Stafix has led research and development in the challenging environment to bring you proven and reliable products for all seasons and all conditions. Our highly experienced field teams and engineers are constantly searching for innovative solutions to deliver some of the most advanced agri-tech products available today. It is this pursuit of technological excellence that drives a common goal: To take pasture management to new levels of efficiency and profitability.

Stafix products are the result of decades of intense research and development. Constant improvement is our philosophy. We encourage our engineers to push the boundaries of traditional design to produce something special for our customers. The Unigizerâ„¢ range is testament to this philosophy, with the ability to operate as a line, battery or solar powered energizer. Real flexibility is at the core of the Unigizer range, without sacrificing reliability, performance, or power output.

The commitment to technological excellence is not confined to our flagship energizers alone. The same outstanding engineering and distinctive styling has been applied across our comprehensive range of products, all of which deliver the highest quality and performance in their class.